R-EACH:  out to desolate local, national and global communities by the leading of the Holy Spirit to breathe hope back into individuals who are suffering, hopeless, and lost.

individuals by teaching them direction and guidance, by the leading of Jesus Christ to look beyond their current circumstances or backgrounds to push forward without compromising to receive the promises and blessings of God; To raise up a people who will stop putting chains on GOD.

take action by using the gifts & talents God has birthed in each individual to build up the kingdom of God; By taking action and doing something we can make a difference in our lost world.

for communities by exemplifying the characteristics of Christ daily and showing his unconditional love within and outside the church.  Care enough to make a difference in our communities and people lives to prevent any further cause of damage and brokenness in our lost world.

people through teaching and training to make a difference within our local, national & global communities.

Preach & teach the unadulterated word of God so the minds and the hearts of people will be transformed and renewed.

through fellowship, sharing testimonies, and the word of God to help people overcome the challenges, circumstances, trials and short falls of life.

To equip a people to rise-above issues, problems, and ones handicaps that are faced on a daily basis by being set apart from the world.

ourselves, children, family and friends in the Word of God.